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The future is looking good. Looking good for us. And looking good for you. With the reconstruction of hall 1 and the new South Entrance we are giving our homebase a complete facelift towards the river Rhine. And making it even better than before. With more presentation facilities, meeting places, and scope for your business. We’re looking forward to 2019 – and to making your stay with us even more pleasant than it is already.

Best prospects – also for your future plans

By building a new South Entrance and, right next to it, a new Hall 1, we want to do more than erect some good pieces of architecture. We are keen to give you maximum functionality and keep our easy accessibility by car, bus and taxi – in other words: to help you enjoy your time at the trade fair even more. To achieve all this, we’re investing EUR 140 million – without subsidies. We can hardly wait to start working on this project after interpack in May 2017.

Messe Düsseldorf Vogelperspektive

Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf, Neue Messe Süd © sop architekten, Visualisierung: CADMAN

Facing the city in a new way: the South Entrance

7,800 square metres on the River Rhine, with a good view of the Düsseldorf skyline – and all under a 20-metre translucent canopy: this is how we’ll welcome you from 2019 onwards. After 170 metres you’ll pass through the glass front of the new South Entrance. A few steps further up you’ll find yourself right in the midst of it: the Foyer with over 2,000 square metres of space – an area which is suitable for meeting up and for holding events. Also, it’s definitely worth lifting your eyes and discovering the glass-enclosed meeting room which protrudes into the Foyer above the heads of all trade fair visitors and convention delegates.

Neuer Eingang Süd: Foyer innen © CADMAN

New South Entrance: Foyer inside, Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf, Neue Messe Süd © sop architekten, Visualisierung: CADMAN

Facts & Figures: South Entrance

  • Foyer space 2,112 sqm (suitable for events)
  • Foyer: length x width x height: 93 m x 40 m x 20 m
  • Foyer: clear height 17.5 m
  • Canopy height: 20 m
  • Canopy material: Translucent fibreglass fabric with LED lighting
  • Other services:
    • Entrance to underground car park (300 spaces)
    • 160 above-ground parking spaces, bus stops and taxi rank
    • Two direct access points to the neighbouring Nordpark

The new Hall 1 – more beautiful, wider and brighter

Are you still marvelling at the wonderful new views from the Forecourt and the Foyer? Well, be prepared for more. We’re now entering the new Hall 1, right next to the entrance area, along its entire width.

Aussenansicht Halle 1

Exterior view Hall 1, Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf, Neue Messe Süd © sop architekten, Visualisierung: CADMAN

It replaces the current Halls 1 and 2, is 158 metres long and 77 metres wide, and it covers over 12,000 square metres of space. And of course it meets the high technical standards of the entire exhibition centre. The ceiling of the hall is quite high – 20 metres above the ground. Moreover, all stands receive their utility supplies entirely through the floor. Here, too, you'll discover some new options as you glance upwards – conference rooms on the first floor, offering 200 square metres of space for 198 guests.

So what do you think of the new Hall 1? We hope you like it. You’ll also enjoy our new direct pedestrian access from the adjacent CCD Süd. As well as being connected to Halls 3 and 4, it has a major pedestrian route, leading from the South Entrance directly to the rest of the premises. After all, we want to create great connections – also in a spatial sense. 

Halle 1 innen

Interior view Hall 1, Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf, Neue Messe Süd © sop architekten, Visualisierung: FORMTOOL

Facts & Figures: Hall 1

  • Area covered: 12,025 sqm
  • Length x width x height: 158.34 m x 77.4 m x 20 m
  • Clear height: 15 m
    • Event facilities: Hall: up to 10,000 persons (row seating)
      6 meeting rooms (1st floor), 200 sqm each
      198 persons, can be partitioned centrally
      Transition to CCD on the 1st floor

Messe Düsseldorf 2030: Strategy with a Future

Now let’s look a few years further into the future – as far as 2030. We’ve invested around EUR 636 million in meeting your needs, your requests and your convenience. It’s something we started 30 years ago, when we reconstructed Halls 6 and 7 in 2000. Since then we’ve repeatedly had a critical look at our masterplan and made sure it was geared towards our visitors, exhibitors and anyone organising guest events. It’s a no-brainer for us – and it follows directly from our need for economic efficiency and sustainable development. By autumn 2016 we’d already rebuilt and completely refurbished 11 of our 19 halls and made them usable for multifunctional purposes. And of course you already saw 2019 with your own eyes. We hope you enjoyed our little trip into the future as much as we did. Looking forward to seeing you – perhaps even today, at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre.

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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly is this construction project about?

    The construction project comprises the South Entrance as well as a redesigned Forecourt and a new building that will replace today’s Halls 1 and 2. At the same time CCD Süd is being completely modernised between 2015 and 2021.

  • What will the new South Entrance look like, and how can it be used?

    The new South Entrance will give Messe Düsseldorf a contemporary presence directly on the banks of the River Rhine with a view towards Düsseldorf. Trade fair visitors and convention delegates will be welcomed by a new illuminated and translucent canopy, 7,800 square metres in size and about 20 metres high. It will be a powerful architectural icon at this highly visible point of the exhibition centre. With its length of 170 metres and a width of 93 metres, it will offer plenty of space for trade fair visitors and convention delegates before they even reach the exhibition centre or convention.

    The South Entrance will be open towards the Forecourt across a completely glazed front, 93 metres in length. Over 2,000 square metres of space will accommodate all the necessary services, such as cash desks and cloakrooms. The first floor will have a glass-enclosed meeting room protruding into the Foyer, affording a view of the entrance area right up to the Forecourt. Moreover, the entire Foyer can be used for events. The Forecourt will accommodate the entrance to an underground car park with 300 spaces as well as bus stops and a taxi rank.

    Our Media Centre will give you some first impressions
  • How big is the new Hall 1

    Roughly the size of Halls 8a and 8b: 158 metres in length, 77 metres in width and over 12,000 sqm of space.

  • What kind of facilities will it have?

    The new hall will meet the high technical standards of the entire exhibition centre. It will be accessible via 7 gates, and it will allow suspensions from all ceilings and also the supply of facilities to stands from the hall floor. The hall will allow pedestrian access to and from CCD Süd. As well as being connected to Halls 3 and 4, it will have a major route, leading from the South Entrance directly to the rest of the premises.

    On its first floor, the hall will have 6 meeting rooms with 200 square metres, each accommodating up to 198 persons. For even further flexibility, all rooms can be partitioned centrally. Moreover, the hall can also be used as an event venue outside trade fair periods and can accommodate, for instance, up to 10,000 persons seated in rows.

    This is what the hall will look like
  • Will there be less exhibition space after completion of the construction project?

    No. With 12,027 sqm of space the new hall 1 is bigger than the old halls 1 (7,071 sqm) and 2 (4,398 sqm) together. Even though one new hall replaces two old ones, the total exhibition space will increase slightly.

  • How much will the construction project cost?

    The investment volume for the new South Entrance, Hall 1 and Forecourt is EUR 140 million – as always at Messe Düsseldorf, without subsidies. In all, Messe Düsseldorf will invest around EUR 636 million in its premises until 2030.

  • Why are you building a new South Entrance and a new Hall 1?

    We have offered our customers a superior exhibition centre since 1971, with a design that prioritises functionality, flexibility and a high-quality experience. Our technical facilities, architecture and services are therefore continually keeping up with changes in the trade fair sector. Our aim is to make our home base one of the most modern, multifunctional and forward-looking venues for trade fairs and events.

    Modernisation of the exhibition centre started with the rebuilding of Halls 6 and 7 in 2000 and covers all our customer space. By autumn 2016, eleven of the 19 halls will have been either rebuilt or completely refurbished. The North Entrance was already completely redeveloped in 2004 and is now, among other things, providing direct railway access to the city centre and the central station (Düsseldorf Hbf).

    By redeveloping the South Entrance we are creating a high-quality situation for exhibitors and visitors, both architecturally and functionally – the kind that we already have at the North Entrance. The creation of impressive, state-of-the-art event facilities in this place will substantially boost the attractiveness of Düsseldorf as a destination for conventions and other events. However, as trade fair organisers, we, too, can offer our customers significant added value through the provision of flexible usage options.

  • What is the timing?

    The work will start in May 2017, after interpack, when today’s Halls 1 and 2 will be demolished. The entire project is scheduled for completion in summer 2019.

  • How will the redevelopment affect ongoing operations?

    It goes without saying that we will ensure all the functions of the entrance area throughout construction. The bus stops and taxi rank will therefore be set up within close proximity, and pedestrian access will be adjusted accordingly. Any events requiring the entire Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre will use high-quality temporary halls, built in lightweight design.

  • How will you ensure the flow of traffic around the exhibition centre during construction?

    A detailed logistics plan is in place, specifying access to and departure from the building site and minimising any disruption at and around the exhibition centre. While construction is in progress, all deliveries to and from the building site will proceed via the Messe/Arena motorway exit and along Am Staad. Once the building site is in place, Stockumer Kirchstrasse and Rotterdamer Strasse will only be affected directly around the southern section of the exhibition centre, as the no. 722 bus stop will be moved up slightly. Access between the exhibition centre and the Rhine, along Rotterdamer Strasse, will be left unobstructed at all times. The plans have been agreed and coordinated with the relevant planning departments of the City of Düsseldorf.

  • Will there be less parking during construction?

    Yes, Car Park P3 will not be in use during construction. Instead, Car Park P5 on Rotterdamer Strasse will be available for customers, providing 400 spaces. Once the construction work has been completed, the number of parking spaces near the South Entrance will more than double, thanks to a new underground car park with 460 spaces, compared with today’s 220.

  • Will the Nordpark be affected by the construction work?

    To ensure that the work runs smoothly, the Construction Office will be located directly next to the building site in the Nordpark, in parallel with Stockumer Kirchstrasse. The valuable plants of the park will not be affected, and any parts of the park that are impacted during this period will be restored again after use.

  • Will you need to cut down trees during the construction work?

    No, none of the trees will be cut down. In December 2016 eight plane trees near Halls 2 and 3 will be replanted by a professional tree care company on Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring / Kaiser-Wilhelm-Ring in Oberkassel, where trees were lost during Storm Kyrill.

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