A+A 2017: Registration Phase Now Underway - Partner Country United Kingdom

The registration phase for A+A 2017 in Düsseldorf has started and exhibitor registrations for the international No. 1 trade fair for safety and health at work (17 to 20 October 2017) are already well underway. Stand spaces in the halls will be allocated from 1 December 2016 according to the following focal themes: personal protection (including personal protective equipment and corporate fashion), security at work (e.g. fire protection/ security products and systems) and health at work (including healthy workplace design and ergonomics, occupational health promotion).

To Birgit Horn, Director of A+A 2017, the large number of exhibitors making repeat reservations reflects their extraordinary satisfaction with A+A, on the one hand, and their expectations for a continued dynamic market development on the other: “Safe and healthy working is always “in”. The realm of health and safety at work is constantly developing further. New regulations governing protective equipment and security at work, new insights for health promotion at the workplace or regarding Industry 4.0 are examples of the themes that dominate market activities and drive them in the way of prosperous business.”

92% of the just under 1,900 exhibitors participating in A+A 2015 rated the quality of the more than 65,000 trade visitors as very good or good. 

As tradition has it, the 35th International Congress for Health and Safety at Work, held concurrently with the A+A trade fair, will again allow delegates to gain comprehensive insights into current issues and challenges associated with safe and healthy workplace design. The A+A Congress is organised by BASI, the German Federal Association for Occupational Safety and Health. Planning is underway here, too. BASI relies on receiving suggestions for content from the expert scene and has therefore issued a call for papers. Relevant information on this is available online at http://www.basi.de.

Just one example of the international reach at the A+A Congress is the conference that the International Labour Organisation (ILO) holds as a widely acclaimed programme component. In 2017 it will again provide a dialogue and information platform for global trends in prevention.

The partner country of A+A 2017 will be Great Britain. Although the partner country was selected by the trade fair advisory board as early as at A+A 2015 – which means clearly before the ‘Brexit’ referendum – Joachim Schäfer, Managing Director at Messe Düsseldorf, regards the changed political situation even as an ideal opportunity. “The current situation also gives rise to many questions among the suppliers of protective items and security equipment. As THE decisive industry platform, A+A 2017 will provide the scope to discuss these. With its 65 million inhabitants Great Britain also continues to be a strong economic and political partner of the European Union.”

Planned as part of A+A 2017 are a wide variety of activities related to this partnership. The British participation has traditionally been among the strongest at A+A. A+A 2015 saw 85 exhibitors from the United Kingdom occupy more than 3,700 square metres of booked space.

A+A in Düsseldorf takes place every two years. In addition to the trade fair and Congress well-established programme components include the forums, Theme Parks and Special Shows such as: Trendforum Safety & Security, Theme Park Fire Protection & Emergency Management, the stage programme Workplace Design & Corporate Health, Meeting Point Safety 6 Security or the A+A Fashion Show.

A+A 2017 date: 17 - 20 October 2017.


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