A guided tour of the house – Brazilian style

The German House is beginning to take shape as Germany’s national meeting point for the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics in Rio. The contract with one of the most important partners in this project, Messe Düsseldorf, has been renewed for another four years.

Düsseldorf and Frankfurt am Main, 26 April 2016.

The scenery in the background summed up the general idea. Visitors to the Press Breakfast were welcomed by an appropriate atmosphere of beach club furnishings, Brazilian music and images of Brazil, showing them the atmosphere that guests can expect at the Rio 2016 German House in just over three months’ time. An overview of this meeting point of the two German teams in Rio was given by Deutsche Sport Marketing (DSM) together with its long-standing project partner Messe Düsseldorf. Acting as the marketing agency of the German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB) and the German Disabled Sports Association (DSB), DSM is responsible for the planning and realisation of the German House. At the same time it was announced that the contract between Messe Düsseldorf and the two associations would be renewed until 2020.

The event was held prior to the outfit presentation of the German Olympic and Paralympic teams at Messe Düsseldorf. The focus on Tuesday morning was therefore not just on the two major events in the summer but also on presenting some important coordinates of the German presence in Rio, summed up under a threefold thematic motto: “Our House, Our Outfit, Our Partners”.

DSM CEO Axel Achten presented the fundamental idea behind the design of this temporary second home for the German teams. He was backed up by Werner M. Dornscheidt, President & CEO of Messe Düsseldorf. Messe Düsseldorf not only hosted the meeting that day but was also honoured as a committed creative contributor and reliable long-standing partner. The two hosts of the German House were represented by Michael Vesper, head of DOSB and Chef de Mission in Rio, and Friedhelm Julius Beucher, President of DBS. The facilitator at the Press Breakfast was Anett Sattler who will have the same role at the German House in Rio during the Olympics.

“In the history of German Houses, this one has a particularly local touch,” said DSM CEO Axel Achten. This is due to its characteristic architecture, the Barra Blue Beach Club on the edge of Barra, a southern suburb of Rio de Janeiro, and also its position directly on the beach. “We had a superb opportunity to leverage the benefits of this venue and to realise our idea of creating ‘a beach house for the athletes’,” Achten continued, as the house will be consistently equipped with a large number of design elements that express this style. A special touch will be added to the house by wooden furniture, floral prints and some typical beach items, such as surfboards. The general idea was developed together with the architect Ricarda Kawe (schulteconcept) who has designed the style of each German House since Sydney 2000. Realisation is being supported by Veto who are creating all the graphics and banners. Everything that happens at the German House will be professionally staged by the event engineers, Neumann & Müller.

“What we will see in Rio is a German House that will be absolutely ideal as a meeting point for our team and their guests: vibrant, inviting, colourful and inspiring – Brazilian, in fact,” says Michael Vesper, Chef de Mission.
From a functional perspective, the facility in Rio is intended – more than ever before – to be the central hub and linchpin of all communication activities concerning the German Olympic and Paralympic teams, giving athletes an opportunity to showcase themselves to their fans back home. This direct link is provided, among others, by DOSB, as it will have its own social media team, appropriately “billeted” at the German House, where it will feed the relevant channels with 24/7 content. The various partners, too, will use the meeting point as the centre of their activities and will network their campaigns with on-site presentations. The central vehicle will be the hashtag #WirfuerD (“we are for Germany”) as a way to create links and propagate content. A team of photo, print and video contractors will provide up-to-date daily material to the media and to numerous partners. A large number of regular live broadcasts and interactive communication facilities in the house will bring the athletes and events closer to their home ground in Germany.

As before, the German House will be a meeting place with a great atmosphere; and in Rio, too, this will be supported by numerous companies using a wide range of different methods. “Our partners are very creative when it comes to proactive ideas for Rio. We can look forward to many attractive services for guests and valuable content for fans back home,” says Axel Achten.

One catering highlight that is already in place is a partnership with Kornspitz who will have their own bakery in the house, making fresh bread and bread rolls in the early hours of each morning. This will also benefit the visitors of the DOSB press conference, due to take place in the basement at 9 am each day. Moreover, there will be a media lounge where journalists can work and chat. Naturally, conversations will centre around the sports programmes of the two main German TV channels ARD and ZDF which guests will be able to follow in the usual way on numerous screens in the house.

On 4 August, one day before the beginning of the Olympic Games, the DOSB hosts will traditionally be given the keys to the German House by a representative of Deutsche Sport Marketing. Until 20 August the gates of the institution will be opened to accredited guests from 4pm each day. From 8 to 17 September the German House will focus on the Paralympics. Like DOSB, DBS will use the German House as a platform for its receptions, its official press conferences (at 9:30am each day) and its partners. Around 350 guests are expected each day. “We’ll be very close to the athletes at this venue. I’m looking forward to some exciting themed nights, created by our partners, and hopefully lots of medal parties with our athletes,” says DBS President Friedhelm Julius Beucher.

While the German House in Rio is still waiting to be opened, the project partners are already planning beyond 2016. “We see it as a matter of honour and genuine partnership to do all we can and to continue our commitment in the future,” said Werner M. Dornscheidt, President & CEO of Messe Düsseldorf at a press interview, as he and DSM CEO Axel Achten sealed the cooperation agreement between Messe Düsseldorf and the two associations until 2020. “By entering into this national partnership, we are promoting high-performance Olympic and Paralympic sports while also contributing to the success of our teams – and that’s something we’re very proud of. Operating the German Houses is part of our commitment to sports. In this way we invest in the international position of Düsseldorf as a business location and a sporting city, but also in the importance of business to competitive sports. By continuing this cooperative venture, we are pleased and confident that we are setting a strong signal for the future.”

DSM continues to be an important project partner on the way to Pyeongchang (2018) and Tokyo (2020). CEO Axel Achten says: “Thanks to its many decades of expertise, Messe Düsseldorf is one of the guarantors for the successful realisation of the German House. It’s good to know that we can continue to count on their expertise and commitment.”

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German House: Vesper, Beucher, Dornscheidt, Achten

Contract renewal: Axel Achten, Managing Director of Deutsche Sport Marketing, Michael Vesper, DOSB CEO, Friedhelm Julius Beucher, DBS-President, Werner M. Dornscheidt, President and CEO of Messe Düsseldorf

Further details and photographic and video material on the Press Breakfast and the German House in Rio can be found at http://www.dsm-olympia.de/deutsches-haus-rio-presse.html
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The German House project has been coordinated by Messe Düsseldorf on behalf of Deutsche Sport Marketing since the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, thus reaching its ninth edition in Rio this year. Since the première of the Paralympic Games in Vancouver in 2010 Messe Düsseldorf has also hosted the Paralympic equivalent, fulfilling the same function as an organisational partner of DSM.

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