Attracting success: Olympic and Paralympic teams present their outfits for Rio 2016 - Adidas and Sioux have created outfits for Olympic and Paralympic Games

Youthful, sporty and contemporary: the top athletes Anna Hahner, Lisa Hahner, Gina Lückenkemper, Linda Stahl, Philipp Pflieger (all track-and-field athletes), Miriam Welte (track bicycle), Melanie Leupolz (football), Jan Philipp Rabente, Moritz Fürste (both hockey), Steffen Weinhold, Christian Dissinger, Rune Dahmke (handball), Miryam Roper Yearwood (Judo), Britta Büthe, Karla Borger (both beach volleyball), Petrisse Solja (table tennis) as well as Denise Schindler and Christiane Reppe (both Paralympic cycling), Sebastian Magenheim (wheelchair basketball) and Edina Müller (Paralympic canoe) worked with top model Lena Gercke and other professional models in presenting the Adidas and Sioux collections at a spectacular fashion show given by Messe Düsseldorf.

“Our athletes will feel great in these functional clothes with their excellent high tech and fashionable design, and they will also be outstanding visual representatives for Germany,” says Michael Vesper, head of the German Olympic Federation (DOSB) and Chef de Mission in Rio 2016.

Intensive work with Adidas as an Olympic partner has led to a collection that sets new standards, reflecting both the individuality of the German athletes and their shared identity. The result was a youthful, sporty and contemporary design, based on silhouettes in the fashion and lifestyle sectors.

The range comprises over 75 parts: podiumwear, training clothes and for the first time also the official outfit for the athletes’ entry into the stadium. For the first time in the history of the Olympic Games all German athletes will be fitted out with the new revolutionary BOOST technology: the women will be wearing Pure Boost X running shoes, and the men Ultra Boost Uncaged.

Another novelty is that specially selected parts of the collection will be sold at Adidas stores and at the merchandising shop of the Olympic team,

Sioux has provided footwear for athletes for 44 years now. For the athletes’ entry into the stadium in Rio the company has revived its 1960s Grasshopper model, creating a contemporary edition for the German team. The Managing Partner and CEO of Sioux, Lewin Berner, says: “We are proud of our free country which is so open to the world, and so we demonstrate this through our national colours. You might say that black stands for asphalt, i.e. the long route which our athletes have had to cover in order to qualify, red represents the lifeblood they’ve sacrificed for their sport, and gold is everyone’s hope that all this hard work will be rewarded.” The German Grasshopper can also be purchased online, in a limited edition.

In selecting the outfits, Adidas and Sioux worked closely with the German Olympic Federation (DOSB) and the athletes on the Olympic and Paralympic teams, including Miriam Welte, Jan Philipp Rabente and Denise Schindler. “It makes me feel incredibly proud that I’ve been allowed to accompany the process and contribute my ideas. It was a lot of fun,” said Miriam Welte.

This included small details, such as the hashtag printed on the collar of the outfit: #WirfuerD: “We are for Germany” – the motto of the two teams.

Friedhelm Julius Beucher, President of the German National Paralympic Committee (DBS) emphasises that “by wearing the same clothes, the Olympic and Paralympic teams are demonstrating their equal status in sports. For me this is a symbolical and visible sign of inclusiveness in sports and indeed something that started at a time when exclusiveness had not yet penetrated into society at large. It has now been 20 years since athletes with disabilities started wearing the same clothes as the other athletes – initially just in parts, but now completely. It underlines the fact that the German Paralympic team don’t just achieved top results; they’re also great to look at – and indeed have been for many years now.”

For the first time the show was streamed live onto social media and can be viewed on demand on the team’s Facebook page,

As before, the event was hosted by Messe Düsseldorf. “Our athletes will look fabulous in Rio – a clear statement for Germany. As implementation partners of the German Houses, partners of the Olympic team and promoters of the Paralympic team, we’re particularly proud to host the clothing presentation again this year, says Werner M. Dornscheidt, Chief Executive Officer of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH.

Prior to the official presentation a Press Breakfast was held at which Werner M. Dornscheidt, the CEO of Deutsche Sport Marketing, Axel Achten, and the two hosts, Michael Vesper and Friedhelm Julius Beucher, gave some initial glimpses of the German House 2016 in Rio, a venue that will be the “Athletes’ Beach House” and a meeting point with a specifically German Flair.

Further quotations:

Michael Vesper, PhD, German Olympic Federation (DOSB) and Chef de Mission in Rio 2016
“We’re pleased that we’ll be turning up with such a big team in Rio, probably bigger than in London in 2012 and also bigger than in Beijing in 2008, because as many as five teams have qualified in the games disciplines. In games the limited number of fields means that the actual qualification is often a greater hurdle than the Olympic contest itself. I’m sure we’ll be sending a highly motivated, committed and extremely well prepared Olympic team to Rio and in fact in all disciplines.”

Thomas Geisel, Mayor of the City of Düsseldorf and Supervisory Board Chairman of Messe Düsseldorf
“It is very much part of Düsseldorf as a sporting city to be involved in the Olympics and Paralympics. Top athletes represent performance, stamina and assertiveness – qualities which make them role models and ideal ambassadors. They are also qualities that apply to every successful city – The desire to achieve more, professionalism in the realisation of goals, being surrounded by a good team, confidence in one’s own performance and reliable partnerships – these are assets which make it possible to achieve true excellence.”

Anna Sinn, Chief Designer at Adidas Woman Training
“Athletes want to have an outfit that superbly combines looks and functionality. We are very pleased that we can fit out the Olympic and Paralympic teams with functional clothing that is of a high technical quality while also adding a new look.”

Lena Gercke, model and presenter
“It’s a great honour for me to present the new Olympic collection together with the athletes. The outfit has great style, and it also feels good. I’m really looking forward to Rio, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the German team.”

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