Save Food

Imagine you have 3 apples. You eat 2. The third goes rotten. What do you get? 1.3 billion tons of waste food worldwide per year. This corresponds to roughly one third of the world’s entire food production – or in other words the world’s food needs. We believe urgent action is required!

In cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the UN’s Environmental Program (UNEP) we wish to make our contribution to cutting this huge amount of waste with the SAVE FOOD initiative. Since interpack 2011 SAVE FOOD has brought together protagonists from the business world, politics and research, it has stimulated dialogue and thereby helps to elaborate solutions all along the entire value added chain of food production. A key aim: to initiate and promote SAVE FOOD projects with the support of industry – throughout the world.

So what if you simply gave away the third apple before it goes bad? This would not only make sense ecologically and economically but also from a human perspective. This is an approach that adds up for everyone.

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