Facts & Figures Messe Düsseldorf 2019

Trade fairs and exhibitions

Trade fairs staged at the venue in Düsseldorf
  • including 22 leading global trade fairs
  • 18 proprietary events
  • 11 partner and guest events

Events abroad

Exhibitors and visitors (proprietary events)


Thereof 73% from abroad


Thereof 37% from abroad

Exhibition area

1013711 m²

262727 m²

305727 m²

43000 m²


Consolidated revenue

mio. € - free of subsidies
thereof 67 mio. generated abroad

Turnover Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

mio. €

Annual result of the GmbH

mio. € - post-tax

International Representative

International representative offices

serving 141 countries

International subsidiaries and affiliates

Areas of activity