Düsseldorf's city center is already doing a lot in terms of attractiveness. (Copyright: C. Tillmann)

EuroShop and the City of Düsseldorf: how city centres of the future will work

In the future, city centres will have to offer more than just shopping experiences. What exactly is meant by this can be marvelled at during the international retail trade fair EuroShop – and in Düsseldorf’s city centre. Here we test out what the successful interaction of food service, culture, shopping and sustainability might look like. And Messe Düsseldorf plays a key role in this.

City centres – Places of excitement

Düsseldorf City Manager Frank Hermsen intends to boost the city center’s attractiveness. (Copyright: C. Tillmann)

EuroShop offers stationary retail opportunities to continue shaping vital city centers in the future, says Director Elke Moebius. (Copyright: C. Tillmann)

Creating synergies

Success factor climate protection

According to IHK consultant Sven Schulte, the city of Düsseldorf is already doing some things right. (Copyright: C. Tillmann)

Exhibition Centre as a focal point

How Düsseldorf city centre can remain l(i/o)vable